The app

Send and receive money without fees, multiply your
revenue streams, grow and keep track of
your creative income.

Easy onboarding

A smart and quick onboarding process minimizes
risks and guarantees compliance.
Biometric verification
friendly kyc consierge
Step-by-step onboarding
5 minutes to aprproval

App features

Direct deposit
and creative royalties
Get paid and receive royalties
Cross-platform app
Native IOS, Android and Web App
and Secure
Passwordless Biometric Protection Keep your account secure from hackers with the passwordless biometric verification feature. Log in and confirm operations with your face scan or fingerprint signature.
Favourite recipients
Pay your employees and creative colleagues with one click
Global ATM locator
Use any Visa ReadyLink location near you to deposit funds. ATM Map with filtering, routing and point-sharing options.
Customer Support Concierge & Help Centre
Get help instantly or find solutions
Feature-rich analytics
Expenses and income statistics with zero effort.
It just works.
Detailed history
Check expenses with flexible filters in a modern view. Repeat, split,
and hide transactions with a single click.

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KYC & Registration

  • Passwordless environment
  • Phone confirmation via sms
  • Email verification
  • Automated Free KYC Onboarding
  • Automated ID document verification: passport, driver license, ID card, SSN
  • Photo, ID Document, and Proof of Address/Residency requirements
  • Photo, ID Document, and Proof of Address/Residency verification
  • Photo verification
  • Liveness detection
  • Spam and abuse protection (reCAPTCHA)
  • Recovery procedure (user authentication and authorization)
  • Registration form and data validation
  • Fast user data check and instant service entering
  • Biometric authentication / Biometric login / Passwordless authentication
  • Push notification
  • SMS confirmation
  • Login by phone number
  • Connect mobile phone authentication
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