1st OPUS launches Artist & Entertainment Hub

The next generation of Neobank Platforms

Neobanking and Neobanks in the US are a fairly new concept. Originally launched to simply provide customers access to banking & payment services with a user-friendly app and a debit card - but without local branches to keep costs lower - neobanks are continuing to evolve. The latest neobank-brands, like 1st OPUS, are launching with specific audiences in mind. Like most neobanks, banking services are provided through FDIC insured partner banks. Payment services and debit cards are provided through the VISA (or Mastercard or Amex) network. Advanced features are created to provide what specific audiences love, need, and want.

1st OPUS The First Entertainment Neobanking Platform

1st OPUS is launching the first phase of its Artist & Entertainment hub in Q3 of 2023. Just like banking services, entertainment and lifestyle are continuously evolving digitally. More and more events and concerts are experienced virtually or feature virtual elements. Communities form digitally, and engage online, on social media, and on apps months before and after the actual in-person experience.

When 1st OPUS was first created by artists for artists, the founders decided to create a brand for artists, creators, entertainers, freelancers, and their friends and followers. The 1st phase of the 1st OPUS artist and entertainment hub is now launching.

1st OPUS - by Artists for Artists

Artists, Creators, and Entertainers publish exclusive content, songs, music videos, clips, collabs and BTS videos, and their fans & followers access this exclusive content and can support their favorite artist on 1stOPUS.com.

If you are a creator, want to engage with your audience and build a new income stream, complete our pre-registration. Unlike some other creator platforms, content will be appropriate for all age-groups and follows community guidelines. Our team will reach out within a few days and let you know when the next group of artists will launch on our platform, and share specifics.

In the meantime, let us know what you think, and what we can improve. We’ll continue to share our plans and can’t wait to grow and expand 1st OPUS with more artists for more fans.

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