1st OPUS launches US Payments App in 2023

1st OPUS Apple & Android Payment App launches for Artists & Entertainers

The 1st OPUS Payment App is now available for our initial launch customers. Most Banks, Neobanks, Credit Card Companies and Fintech companies have mobile apps for their customers. As more than 60% of US banking customers prefer mobile banking over any other form of banking, banking apps have become the standard for payments. While many digital wallets, crypto wallets, and fintech apps carry funds just in e-wallets, the 1st OPUS app - like many neobanks and banks - features an FDIC insured US bank account from a US bank. 1st OPUS adds secure access, liveness detection, biometric or face ID, and advanced blockchain security to a user-friendly, streamlined interface.

1st OPUS Most Popular Payment App Features

Based on extensive user research, most customers use only 3 features for their payments app: Send, request and load. Building an app that provides what customers want without a convoluted design and a fast, secure interface is key. The 1st OPUS app was developed with our customers in mind. A new 1st OPUS referral program will provide a sign-up bonus for customers and referrers upon launch in 2023.

New Payment app Monetization features for Artists, Icons and Influencers

Artists and influencers are able to upgrade to a premium plan that provides additional features. Publishing exclusive entertainment content provides new monetization options. Uniquely in the payment industry, a partnership with 1st OPUS pays artists and influencers a profit share for their active fans & followers that join and use the payments app and VISA card. Premium accounts can send an invite from their personal referral link with their individual referrer code. Simply complete the registration form, and when announced and launched, 1st OPUS will share the specifics.

Unique rewards for customers

1st OPUS is launching a Debit Card reward system that gives customers what they want. Access to VIP events, in-demand products, exclusive content, and artist merchandise, to name a few. Stay tuned.

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