1st OPUS selects Partners to expand Services globally

1st OPUS expands money transfer network to more countries

Originally developed and launched in the US, 1st OPUS is selecting partners to expand access to its app, hub, services, and in-network money transfers globally. Many artists, creators, entertainers, and freelancers live and work globally. With access to music, movies, TV shows, events, festivals and concerts expanding, fan & follower fanbases grow globally. This trend has further accelerated over the last few years, and today, many professional artists work around the world. To support their global lifestyle and provide access to exclusive entertainment to fans and followers everywhere, 1st OPUS is selecting brand franchise partners and payment partners.

Global Partnerships to support a Global Lifestyle

1st OPUS is currently expanding its partner network in Europe and in Central Asia, as requested by artists using the currently invite-only platform. “From inception, our artists and platform partners were excited about joining a community that was active not just in the US, but everywhere they live, perform, work, and operate.” Banking and money transfers are highly regulated, and differ from country to country. A successful global business requires the best, most qualified partners in each country: A mindset that embraces the future, expertise that always strives for excellence, and beliefs and values that put partners and customers first - united under a strong, appealing brand. 1st OPUS will announce its new partners in Q3 2023.

Meaningful Strategic Growth for Art, Entertainment & Lifestyle

Companies looking for their WHY search beyond their core expertise and understand the WHY of their customers as well. Art creates the ideal emotional glue that many businesses are seeking. Entertainment engages customers and delivers a memorable user-experience, especially when combined with excellent business services. We want to thank our partners for expanding our ability to serve our customers globally, and will announce more soon. Stay tuned.

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